Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper

May 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


If you have oily skin, you’ll know that no matter what you do or wear, that oil is coming through eventually. And you’ll learn the hard way (like I did) that grabbing the pressed powder every time that happens results in a thick, caked-up layer of oily powder that makes your skin look ten times worse than it actually is.

The solution? Blotting papers. These actually soak up the layer of oil before you dust on some powder; so you A. Need to use less powder, and B. Don’t have a gross mixture of oily powder all over your face by the end of the day.

I decided to try out the Essence blotting papers, as the price is very nice – around R30 for this little pack full of blotting papers.


Above is what it looks like before being used, and below…after being used.


As you can see, the paper is obviously soaking up something! My skin immediately looked less oily and shiny after using this, and I think it’s a totally elegant solution. The packet is attractive and nicely compact so it can come along with me wherever I go – new must-have beauty product achieved!

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