October 15, 2014 § 2 Comments

Outside, the very image of
the word sweltering
scorched earth; no rain for months
and the dry grass glints, like
razorblades. That peculiar metallic
twang, unmistakeable.
The swimming pool another
world of deep-space-blue
positively planetary, star-sparks cast
from each wave-peak, we are
little planets in orbit,
slick interstellar fish
rollicking in luminescent liquid.
He moulds my limbs
just so!
“Take a deep breath.”
Water everywhere; top and bottom
hopelessly confused. Lost
between sky and earth I
twist frantically emerge
He laughs, and I watch
as he does somersault after
in graceful slow motion
glorying in the chaos.

Nicole Best



October 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Kiss me, let
the blood from my torn
and ragged
seal our sacred pact.

Nicole Best

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