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Leather strums a reckless ache
Like restraint
Like control
Like power-playful but deeper
Harder faster, fuck
Whatever I am, beneath these weak and wasteful layers
Find it blossoming in blue and black and plague yellow
Let illness cure my disease – hair of the dog
That bit you, isn’t that what they say?
Like a spiral, perfect curves, mathematical
And sound waves rippling into a crack
That transmutes thought to action
Alchemy –
Secret sustenance –
Bane to bliss
Death to life
Mark me as different
Mark me as yours.

Nicole Best


August 2013 Rubybox

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It’s that time of month again, guys! My Rubybox arrived quickly and with no mess or fuss, this morning – what a pleasure! So without further ado, here’s what the Rubies spoiled me with this month:

001 002 005 003 004 006


Bramley Magnolia Body Butter Sample

This is such a cute little sample, perfect for keeping in my handbag or next to my bed for those terribly-dry winter hands that we always seem to get! It smells gorgeous and has a lovely, rich consistency that will be an absolute life-saver.



Nutriwomen Oxygenating Papaya Masque sample

Apparently this masque uses natural papaya enzymes to remove dead skin cell build-up – another wonderful thing for winter, and a product that I’ve never tried before, so I’m very excited to give this one a go!



Rubybox Tools Concealer Brush full size

By now you should all know how much I adore the Rubybox Tools range – I think it’s so cool that we all get to try the tools out for free with our boxes and thus build a collection of really lovely beauty helpers. I have always said that using good-quality brushes can make a world of difference when applying make-up, and the Rubies are helping us tremendously in this regard! This is a beautiful, elegant little concealer brush, and now I simply MUST go out and buy a great quality concealer to use this with. 😀

010 011


TLC Acne Wash Cleansing Facial Wipes full size

And this big packet is what made my box so invitingly heavy this month! While I prefer using soap and water on my face because it makes me feel clean, I will try these on those stubborn blackhead-prone areas afterwards, since they claim to contain ingredients that actively fight those little suckers. Is this the miracle cure? I’ll keep you all in the loop. 😛



Deep Heat Bath Tonic sample

This is for aching and tired muscles, sooooo…I guess this might be the kick in the pants that I need to start with my exercise routine again after taking WAAAAY too long off of it after my operation. I have to have sore muscles to test this properly, right? Right.



I am a VERY happy customer this month, and I really do love my Rubybox! Now to see what September has in store for me…hopefully there’ll be a perfume sample in that one, as I do so enjoy my little perfume samples. ^_^

Oh So Heavenly Hand Sanitizer Review

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As a make-up artist, and a generally germ-phobic person, hand sanitizer is quite high up on my list of priorities. I like a little handbag-sized one so that I am never without the means to achieve squeaky clean and germ-free hands. 🙂 Of course, my pinky Dettol hand sanitizer ran out, and I was so happy with it that I wanted to buy another just like it but…no luck! I had to take a risk and buy an Oh So Heavenly one instead.

018 019

It had a picture of a lemon slice…I am a sucker for anything lemon-y, so this is the one that came home with me. I am actually very impressed, and will buy Oh So Heavenly again without hesitation. This smells very lemon fresh and clean, which I love, and is more liquid than gel so it doesn’t leave my hands sticky like other hand sanitizers have in the past. The bottle is also small enough to live in my handbag, with a sturdy lid that doesn’t seem likely to pop open at inopportune times (yes, this has also happened to me before…that was a VERY clean handbag…and cellphone…and everything else).

This is definitely a can’t-live-without product during the winter flu season, so I can happily recommend Oh So Heavenly and leave you all with super clean hands. 😉

Accessorize Pressed Powder Review

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During my monthly visit to Clicks, I noticed that there were a bunch of Accessorize products on the sale table, and the Accessorize stand was empty. Now while I hope that means that the new and exciting brand at Clicks will be Bourjois, it also means that I got to pick up this gorgeous little pressed powder for a fraction of the usual price – yay!

010 011


And as if the outer packaging wasn’t cute enough…

Check out the inside. 😀

012 013


I don’t use a powder puff to apply my powder anymore, though, as I have grown to prefer the more natural look that a brush gives. I have been using this powder to touch up shiny bits and make my make-up look fresh and new again, and I am very happy with it! It’s silky smooth, truly translucent and looks lovely and natural on my skin. And the compact is just sooooo gorgeous. 🙂

I also happened to notice some Accessorize lipsticks with similar packaging, so if you want to get your hands on some “just for the packaging” pretties (because I have no idea about the quality of the product but who cares, sometimes pretty is all you need), get to Clicks asap!

My Week in Pictures

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I thought this might be a fun new post to share on a Friday; what do you guys think?


A pretty new toiletry bag from Dischem – lucky find, indeed!


This is what the left side of my dressing table looks like. Beautiful things all over. 😉


Java’s happy face.


An old ring – I’m trying to get used to wearing rings again.


My beautiful literary necklace locket. ^_^


Me today – selfie for you!



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